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Pre-Cut Trees 

This year we will have pre-cut Douglas Fir trees for those who would prefer to forego the tree cutting experience! Sizes range from 7 to 8 feet tall. The trees are very fresh and will be cut just before we open for the season.

This popular, wide ranging species can grow to 250 feet tall and has a pyramidal shape. The soft to the touch round needles are dark green or blue green, 1 to 1½ inches long and radiate in all directions from the branch. They have a sweet fragrance when crushed. The cones are oval shaped and often continue to hand on the trees through the fall and winter.

The Douglas Fir has even-coloured blue-to-dark-green needles, a pyramidal shape and sweet fragrance which fills any room and says holiday time is here. The tree’s needles are round, longer than a Spruce and soft to the touch. Outstanding feature of the Douglas Fir: sweet, mild fragrance.

Tree Stands

We have top quality Cinco tree stands for sale in 2 sizes. Steel spikes at the center anchor the tree safely, prevent shift and make set-up a snap! The stands boast a generous water reservoir so less frequent watering is needed to keep your tree fresh.


Holly Bunches

Add that special touch to your hearth, front door or festive holiday table with fresh cut holly! We will have bunches available for you to purchase when you visit the farm, be sure to pick some up! $5/bundle

Beeswax Candles

We have 100% pure beeswax taper candles available for sale. These lovely candles are hand dipped and burn with no smoke or dripping. They emit a relaxing natural honey scent and will burn for approximately 12 hours. A gorgeous addition to every holiday table and ideal for hostess gifts! $5/each

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18630 2nd Ave, South Surrey, BC

When you turn on to 2nd Ave from 184th Street (you can only turn one way heading East), continue all the way to the end of the short road and go through the open black gate on your right. Watch for our Red Truck Trees sign and our street number is on the gate post – ‘18630’.

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We open on November 30th

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