At the Farm

What should I bring?

We supply hand saws for cutting down your own tree as well as twine for securing it to your vehicle. Please leave your power saws at home for the safety of everyone.

What types of trees do you sell?

We grow 4 types of trees in our field, Nordmann, Fraser, Noble and Canaan Fir and we have lots of gorgeous you-cut trees available this year. We will also have lovely fresh cut 7-9 foot Fraser and Noble Fir trees available for purchase.

How much are your trees?

Our you-cut trees are $120 and our pre-cut trees are $15/foot. We will measure the tree once you have made your choice. Charlie Brown trees will also be available and prices vary. We accept cash and contactless Debit, Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

Do you have a bonfire and treats?

After selecting your tree we invite you to warm up around the bonfire. Enjoy hot chocolate or coffee and roast hot dogs by way of donation to Sources Food Bank.

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs but for the enjoyment and safety of everyone at the farm, please leave yours at home or in your vehicle when you visit us.

Do you have a tree baler?

We have a tree baler for trees up to about 7 feet in height. We supply twine for tying your tree to your vehicle.

Do I have to cut my own tree?

We will have lovely fresh cut 7-8 foot Fraser Fir trees available for purchase if you prefer to forego the tree cutting experience.

Do you sell live trees?

Our live potted trees are still growing so the supply is limited for these this year.

What else do you offer for sale?

This year we are excited to introduce our expanded Christmas Market on Sunday Dec. 3rd with many fun and handmade items. We also have 2 sizes of top quality Cinco tree stands, beeswax taper candles and biodegradable tree skirt/removal bags available every day. 

Taking your Tree Home

Can you help load my tree onto the car?

We are happy to assist if time allows when you visit the farm. We have twine available that you can use to tie the tree down if needed. Some customers like to bring along a blanket or tarp to wrap around the tree to protect the inside or top of their vehicle.

What should I do when I take my tree home?

Leaving your tree in a bucket of water either outside or in the garage for the first 24 hours is best. If it has been more than 3 hours since it was cut, then you will want to cut about ½” off the bottom before being put into water.

Does my tree need a fresh cut before I bring it inside?

If you cut down your tree within 2-3 hours or if it has been sitting in water outside, you can put your tree up in a stand inside. If it has been longer or you are unsure, a fresh cut of about 1/2″ or 2cm will help the tree to begin absorbing water again.

How to Care for Your Tree

What size of tree stand should I use?
The height of your tree will determine the stand size you need and a stand that holds approximately 1 gallon or 4-5 litres is best. A fresh cut tree will absorb up to a gallon or 4 litres a day especially in the first few days of being inside a warm house.
How often should I water my tree?
Checking the water level and filling the stand with new water on a daily basis may be necessary in the first week of having the tree inside. After the first week you may notice the tree absorbs less water.
Should I put anything in the water for the tree?
We have found that regular tap water works best and is all a tree needs to last for the holiday season. Additives may block the absorption ability of a fresh cut tree.
What if I forget to water my tree?
If the water level in the stand has been allowed to fall below the cut of the tree base for more than 2-3 hours, sap will have sealed the base of the tree preventing further water intake. A fresh cut of 1/2″ or 2cm will be needed to allow the tree to begin absorbing water again.
How long will my tree last?

Depending on the type of tree and the care given, it will continue to feel fresh for from 3-6 weeks. Fraser Fir and Noble Fir last the longest and have excellent needle retention.

How should I remove my tree?

You may wish to use a biodegradable disposal bag. This minimizes mess and is an easy way to remove your tree. You can either place the bag under your stand when you mount the tree (this also helps protect your floors) or put the bag underneath the stand after all the decorations have been removed. The entire tree and stand can then be moved outside where the stand can be removed.

How can I recycle my tree?
Christmas trees are a renewable, recyclable resource. Most communities have several organizations that offer tree chipping for a small donation. Your local municipality may also offer free chipping and/or locations where you can drop your tree off. The mulch from the trees is recycled for use on hiking paths, gardens, farms and in bird feeders.

How To Find Us

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