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Nordmann Fir

The luxurious Nordmann Fir tree is among the most beautiful conifers found anywhere. It has glossy, wide needles that are directed forward giving the upper surface of the branches a brushed, smooth appearance. The thick, symmetrically arranged branches are perfect for displaying heavy or large ornaments. The Nordmann Fir has a light fragrance making it a good choice for individuals with allergies.

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir is known for its ability to hold onto its needles the longest and its wonderful fragrance. Its sturdy branches, short needles and open spaces between branches make it ideal for even the heaviest of ornaments. Fraser Fir needles have a green blue color, usually with a thick strong top. More compact than other conifers, it is well suited to smaller homes and apartments.

Noble Fir

Known for their beauty, Noble Firs have long lasting needles and stiff, flat branches that can support even heavy ornaments. The boughs provide lovely greenery with upright blue green needles that give them a regal appearance. There are a few Noble Firs ready for your home this year and many more will be ready next year.

How do we grow healthy trees?

Growing a beautiful tree for you to enjoy in your home at Christmas takes a great deal of time and care. We start with 2-year-old seedlings that we plant in raised beds so they can be carefully nurtured and watered for the first year.  

Once planted in the field they will grow about 1 foot a year in our climate zone with proper care. Each year every tree needs to be watered, hand pruned, fertilized and shaped. We have chosen to plant our entire field in grass for a much nicer you-cut experience when things are typically wet at Christmas time, so that means frequent cutting of the field throughout the spring and summer.  

Each fall one of our experienced fellow tree growers comes out to the farm to expertly shape the trees once they reach about 4 feet in height.  All of this TLC means that you have many gorgeous trees to choose from when you visit Red Truck Trees!

Christmas Tree Seedlings South Surrey White Rock

Why choose a live tree?

Like any typical farm crop, Christmas trees are a renewable, recyclable product that continually benefits the environment! Here’s how:Douglas Fir Christmas Holiday Tree - South Surrey - White Rock


  1. During the 8 to 12 years it takes to grow, the tree takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. This cleans the air and helps slow climate change.
  2. When you are done with the tree it is recyclable by chipping or mulching that is used for many purposes including hiking paths, gardens, farms and bird feeders.
  3. Each year growers plant an average of 3 trees for each one harvested at Christmas.
  4. To manufacture an artificial tree you need plastic, steel, aluminum, cardboard for shipping and the resources to ship from Asia where most are made. All of these products have many negative impacts on the environment.  
  5. You need to keep your artificial tree for 20+ years to reduce the environmental impact. Average homes dispose of theirs after 6 years.
  6. Live trees provide a habitat for wildlife where they grow.
  7. Tree growers employ well over 100,000 people in the North America, making a significant contribution to our economy.

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